Saturday, March 22, 2008

Initial Posting: How To Fix Your Moen Cartridge

After spending a weekend of hammering on my Moen shower cartridge, I thought I would post my about my experiences on fixing it.

The following blog entry will detail the frustrations, tools, receipts, and solutions on how to replace the Moen cartridge in your bathtub.


ASoric said...

Please click the link to learn more about installing the Moen 1225/1200 Cartridge

Unknown said...

T H A N K Y O U !!!!
40Yf SINGLE MOM. very very nice work on the tutorial. step by step, pitfalls & all. i read sooo many internet entries-yours surpassed them all by far. I did it...thanks to you.

Al Hergenrother said...

Your instructions are great, but my problem is that I was able to turn the cartridge but unable to pull it out. I doubt that I would be able to tap the case after pulling out the stem, as would simply turn. Any more ideas??